Various Steps Involved

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  • 5Step 5
  • 6Step 6

1Register to

Register an account with P4parttime.Once you Registered you will get an activation link to your


Try to include the following information:
    * Valid Email
    * Correct Contact Number
    * Correct address(For sending cheques)
    »SignUp now

2Login to

Once Your Account is Approved By the Admin,

Just Sign in and Go to Your Work Section.

Their you can see Different Adposting Jobs/Article Writing etc

    * Site can't approve each and every registered users.Only qualified users will get jobs.
    * Jobs may have different price.
    » Sign Up now

3If you are alloted Adposting jobs,Post ads to various sites.

Under job menu,there contains some ad which you should post to the sites which we mentioned along

with the ad.

    * Price range is from Rs .10pa to Rs 8
    *Like Wise there are Article writing,website content writing ,data entry etc.All these jobs have different price

4Copy the Url of the posted Ad.

Once you posted those ad to the sites,Copy the

URL of the posted ad.

    * Make sure that by clicking that url,we can see the ad.
    * Otherwise it is Not a Valid URL.

5Upload those Url to our site.

Upload those url to our site .You should type

the ad reference number before uploading

the url.


Make sure:
    * The URL belongs to the correct ad.
    * Check Reference No: before Uploading the URL.

6Earn money.

Once your URL was approved by the Admin,the

amount for that particular Ad will be credited to

your account.if the uploaded URL was wrong,

then admin will reject it.

    * Minimum payout is Rs 4000.
    * Once you reach this amount,You can withdraw it.
    * Read Faq section for knowing more .
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